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Kidrobot is Toys for Teens Kids Adults! Paul Budnitz is who stared Kidrobot! For all the Kidrobot Fans out there this is where you want to know Everything About Kidrobot.


  • New Dunnys Called Dunnys series 2009 is out

Get it now while you can.

  • New Trexi Out Called Plus Trexi Series 2 Artists are: Joe Ledbetter and Touma
  • New Qee Bear out Called D.I.Y Qee Bear Its A lot of Money

and D.I.Y Stands for Do It Yourself.

  • New Ninja Called Summer Ninja and it has

a Ice cream around its Neck Its a SDCC EDITON Ninja


Vinyl is a Special kind of Plastic Its what they make Dunnys out of. Its what they Make Munnys Out of. Its what they make Labbits out of. Vinyl is Very Very Special

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